Human Skull Fireplace Logs



1) The Jaw or skull is broken – Ceramic material is brittle, it can break in shipping if rough handling. Please include a photo of the broken part when contacting PayandPack on Amazon.

2) I can’t find the jaw – These skulls come in two pieces, the upper head and the jaw. Please carefully check in the foam that the skull was wrapped with. The jaw will be individually wrapped in packing foam.

3) I am unsatisfied with the paint job – Rest assured, when you start to burn the skull in the fire, any chips or spots will turn black with use. All skulls, no matter the paint job, will look the same in the end; the product is a fire-proof skull, any paint is just to make it look better while in its raw state. Soot accumulation is natural, inevitable and pure black. The photos of the skulls taken in advertisements have had some use to fill in every crack with soot. Please burn your skull sufficiently and we are confident that you will be very satisfied with its finished appearance.

4) The skull is burning – It is NOT burning. Soot accumulation is part of the chemical reaction when gas/wood burns. ANYTHING that goes into an open fire turns black, gas logs / fire skulls included. Our findings are that with soot accumulation, their appearance becomes more genuine and realistic.

5) The jaw does not fit – This jaw will not fit perfectly in the closed position (though it will get very close). It is specifically designed to prop the skull up, in a mouth-open position, to allow flame to pass through the open mouth (as advertised).

6) What are they made out of? They are made out of high heat refractory, which is a type of ceramic.

7) Can they be burned with wood? YES. Wood or any combustible gas.

8) Can I use it in vent-less fireplace or fire pit? No, VENTED only.


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